miércoles, 9 de julio de 2008

Arrival in Kabul

"Jamuj" here reporting back from the frontline. I got to Delhi airport on Wednesday afternoon to take my KamAir flight direct to Kabul... I was hungry so stoked up on 2 chicken tikka subs, only to find out that the airline was handing out snack goodie bags as flight was 3 hrs delayed. Well 3 subs, packet of crisps and fresh napple juice later, I found myself sitting with a group of nepalese men, around 20. Turned out they were security guards for US embassy, all trained in hand 2 hand combat, ex gurhka paras usually armed with a 9mm Glock and M16 assault rifle... They cracked open a couple of bottles of Red Label whiskey and we bonded...
On the plane, the business class had rich afghans, then 95% of the main cabin we nepalese fighting machines and... me.
Was befriended by a giant of a man, a real warrior type who looked out for me through customs (quite hairy) and then out into the carpark. Landing in Kabul as the sun was setting in the dusty haze of the Hindu Kush was likeing arriving in no-mans land central asia...
The airport was packed with choppers, russian, british, yank - but the big warbirds are at Bagram Airbase (heard some F16s flying overhead last night).
Was collected by a hulk of a man, who looked 100% Afghan but had a 100% American accent, my new mate Piaman (pronounced "Pieman"). He was born in Kabul but family fled when he was 2yrs old. Family VERY connected, his uncle is Kabul mayor, and his father is deputy Energy Minister, and former Minister for Mines and Industry...!
Im staying at the family guesthouse, and Big P. lives with his family 4 streets away. I will send photos of the compound, just 2 of us here, im sitting typing next to him, Bengali chap, account, finance guy workin on dev. project. We have driver, armed guards, totally cool old afghan man who cooks trad. afghan food... I wake up to the cockle doo ROOOO of a local rooster everyday about 7ish.
The Bengali chap only leaves our compound on official visits to the ministry he is workin with. He´s been here for over a week, i think. Not set foot outside by himself...
Well i went for kabul walk-a-bout yesterday, was a rather interesting experience i tell you... photos to be uploaded to my website soonish.... real wild west...
Today waiting for my lift to go to Piaman´s family village, he has swimming pool, grapes, bbq...
apart from the crack of gunfire comming from the hills yesterday, all is ok. But you never know in a place like this.

sábado, 1 de marzo de 2008

Gracia Arts Project & Wikipedia

We need all your help with improving our description on Wikipedia, especially with creating links.

Any ideas or information is very much appreciated.


We have started to talk about "Integration" within the project and encourage everyone to submit their ideas and thoughts.

GAP is a project of integration on 2 levels.
1. As a group of multinational artists integrating into the Catalan and Spanish society.
2. As a entire group of artists integrating into larger society.
We are interested in communicating to the people on the street our ideas, skills and talents.
Hello !!